Episode 001: Rachael Ray


Rachael Ray is one of the most well-known food TV personalities in the world, and one of the most generous human beings in the business. She has authored 22 cookbooks, logged thousands of hours of TV shows, established her own monthly magazine, created a line of cookware, developed food products, produced a line of super premium dog and cat food and treats, designed a home furnishing collection and more. Her philanthropic initiatives include a cooking and kids charity called Yum-o!, as well as helping animals in need through Rachael’s Rescue. Listen as Ray takes you on a journey of her career ups and downs, and shares what keeps her motivated to create more. This discussion will inspire you, whether you are into food or not.


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One thought on “Episode 001: Rachael Ray

  1. Wonderful, thoroughly enjoyed it. Wouldn’t mind spending time with Rachael to really get to know her more. Also wouldn’t mind looking thru her photo books. I’m one that asks questions so would not get
    bored, Rachael


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