Episode 000: Host Andrew “Kappy” Kaplan Introduces Beyond the Plate

Andrew Kaplan 05NOV2014 Galdones Photography-1

Photo Credit: Galdones Photography

Host Andrew “Kappy” Kaplan takes a few minutes to introduce Beyond the Plate, a podcast dedicated to the culinary world and the stories behind an 800 billion dollar industry. During this introductory episode, Kappy shares who he is and why he started a podcast (hint: he’s passionate about food), what you’re going to get out of each episode when tuning in (incredible stories from some of the best chefs of our time), and explains the shows format and schedule. After hearing all that, you’re going to want to subscribe. Starting this Wednesday, prepare to be inspired by these conversations with the world’s culinary elite.


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One thought on “Episode 000: Host Andrew “Kappy” Kaplan Introduces Beyond the Plate

  1. Phenomenal! Such an outstanding podcast! I think you are amazing; I am in awe of all you do, all you accomplish, and how well you do it all! Bravo!


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