016: Chef Alice Waters

Photo Credit: Megan Alldis Alice Waters is a food icon. She is a chef, author, food activist, and the founder and owner of Chez Panisse Restaurant in Berkeley, California. Waters has been a champion of local sustainable agriculture for over four decades. In 1995 she founded the Edible Schoolyard Project, which advocates for a free […]

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014: Chef Rick Bayless

Photo Credit: Galdones Photography Chef Rick Bayless has made a profound impact on Mexican cuisine in Chicago and across the country. He has multiple restaurants throughout Chicago and beyond. His original, Frontera Grill, recently celebrated 30 years! In addition, he has a successful line of grocery store products in Frontera Foods; multiple cookbooks; won Top […]

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012: Chef Rocco DiSpirito

Rocco DiSpirito is one of the country’s best chefs. He helmed the kitchen of Union Pacific, a restaurant that was a NYC culinary landmark for years. His health took him on a different path than the food world may have hoped for, but in turn, he now cooks and coaches clients to achieve their best […]

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011: Chef Scott Conant (Just the Plate)

Chef Scott Conant walks you through his smooth and delicious Polenta recipe- one that is on all five of his restaurant menus in NYC, Miami, Los Angeles, Las Vegas and Arizona. Check out Episode 010 to learn how this dish literally changed our host, Kappy’s, life. http://traffic.libsyn.com/beyondtheplate/JTP_Episode_011_Scott_Conant_2.0.mp3   Find BEYOND THE PLATE on: iTunes | Google Play | Libsyn | Stitcher

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010: Chef Scott Conant

Chef Scott Conant is a regular judge on Food Network’s Chopped. He currently has restaurants in NYC, Miami, Los Angeles, Las Vegas and Arizona. Conant’s accolades span from Food & Wine magazine to James Beard Awards and more. He is one of the most compassionate people we know, giving his time to helping good friends […]

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009: BONUS Episode – MealFlour

This week kicks off our first “5th Wednesday” where we introduce you to impactful organizations and discuss the positive social impact they have on communities around the world. Each 5th Wednesday we’ll ask five question; and we’re starting with three young women in Guatemala who are promoting better nutrition through sustainable farming of protein-rich mealworms. Don’t say yuck […]

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008: Rich Melman (Just the Plate)

  Restaurateur Rich Melman of Chicago-based Lettuce Entertain You currently operates over 125 restaurants coast to coast. In this episode, he breaks down the original menu from R.J. Grunts- the first restaurant he opened in 1971. Enjoy these stories, some dating back 46 years ago. Melman says, “I believe R.J. Grunts is the most influential […]

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007: Rich Melman

Rich Melman is Founder and Chairman of Lettuce Entertain You, a Chicago-based restaurant group that owns over 125 restaurants nationwide. Lettuce has done over 200 concepts to date and is known for founding some of the most celebrated restaurants in America. Melman formulated the widely-used philosophy based on the importance of partners, of sharing responsibilities […]

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