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BONUS Episode: From Our Plate to Yours: Thanksgiving recipes, tips and more! (S8/Ep.08) Beyond the Plate

This week, we’re taking a short break from our regular schedule to share a special bonus episode. Due to the large amount of incoming Thanksgiving questions, the Beyond the Plate family thought we’d get together to share some recipes and tips that will make your holiday a little easier (and maybe even tastier). This episode is moderated by our Executive Producer, Ian. You’ll hear Kappy’s game plan for Turkey Day, as well as from our Digital Media Producer, Sarah (who’s not too shabby in the kitchen herself). Enjoy this episode as we go Beyond the Plate…with a taste of what’s on our plates!Check out our #BtPlatePodcast Merch at Follow Beyond the Plate on Facebook and TwitterFollow Kappy on Instagram and TwitterTimestamps/Recipes:[3:16] Why and how Kappy sous vide’s his turkey breasts Sous Vide Turkey Breasts[4:10] Why and how Kappy ‘low roasts’ his dark meat turkey partsLow-Roasted Dark Meat[6:50] Sarah schools us on apps and cheese boards [11:49] All about spicy honey[13:09] Kappy shares tips and tricks for prepping and cooking mashed potatoes[16:15] Kappy shares tips and tricks for making gravy[18:15] Kappy talks stuffingRachael Ray’s Apple, Celery and Onion Stuffing[19:50] Negroni-Inspired Cranberry Sauce[21:05] Our editor extraordinaire, Joel, shares what he’s drinking this Thanksgiving[22:10] Sarah’s Cheesy Corn CasseroleSarah’s Cheesy Corn Casserole[23:55] Sarah’s Green Bean Casserole[26:08] Sarah’s Simple Ice Cream Sundae (inspired by Lilia Restaurant, Brooklyn)
  1. BONUS Episode: From Our Plate to Yours: Thanksgiving recipes, tips and more! (S8/Ep.08)
  2. Chef Shota Nakajima: how he embraces his weaknesses in the kitchen and uses them to propel himself forward (S8/Ep.07)
  3. Beyond the Drink: Vlad Novikov & the Hanky Panky (S8/Ep.06)
  4. Will Guidara: proving a little bit of hospitality goes a long way (S8/Ep.05)
  5. Beyond the Drink: Haley Traub’s Il Porto Negroni (S8/Ep.04)

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