Chef Ludo Lefebvre (S7/Ep.18)

Ludo Lefebvre is a chef, restaurateur, author, TV personality and twin dad. He is one of the most influential chefs in Los Angeles who is credited with starting the pop-up restaurant phenomenon. You may have eaten in one of his award-winning restaurants such as Petit Trois or seen him on one of the many TV […]

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Chef Brooke Williamson (S7/Ep.15)

Brooke Williamson is a chef, restaurateur, TV personality and mom. She was the youngest female chef to cook at the James Beard House at 22 years old, was crowned the winner of “Top Chef” Season 14, and was the first winner of Food Network’s “Tournament of Champions.” Brooke and her husband/business partner, Nick Roberts, own […]

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Chef Kristen Kish (S7/Ep.13)

Kristen Kish is a chef, author and TV personality. She was born in South Korea and grew up in Kentwood, MI. You may know her from Bravo’s “Top Chef” (or one of her many other TV shows), and you will soon see her as Alton Brown’s co-host on Netflix’s new “Iron Chef: Quest for an […]

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Chef Joshua Weissman (S7/Ep.11)

Joshua Weissman is a chef and best-selling cookbook author. He grew up in Los Angeles and at age 18 moved to Austin, Texas where he started his professional career in some of Austin’s most prominent kitchens. At age 22, he started making YouTube videos about food with the goal of providing as much value as […]

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Chef Maneet Chauhan (S7/Ep.09)

Maneet Chauhan is an award-winning chef, author, TV personality, mother, and Founding Partner and President of Morph Hospitality Group in Nashville, Tennessee. She’s worked in some of the finest hotels in the world and some of the greatest restaurants across the US. Maneet competed AND WON Guy Fieri’s Tournament of Champions where she donated her […]

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