Beyond the drink LIVE: Wine and popcorn! (S7/Ep.02)

For the season premiere of our Beyond the Drink series, we sat with Head Winemaker of ONEHOPE Wine, Mari Wells Coyle. Like all of the chefs featured on Beyond the Plate, ONEHOPE’s award-winning wine supports a plethora of meaningful causes. To date, they have donated over $8 million to organizations around the world. In this episode, Mari walks us through some of her favorite wines to pair with different flavored popcorn. After this episode, you won’t think twice about what to enjoy for happy hour…or while streaming a show…or at 3pm on a Sunday…you get the point! Enjoy this previously recorded live tasting… with Mari Wells Coyle of ONEHOPE Wine.

ONEHOPE wines Mari discussed in this episode: Fumé Blanc + Cabernet Sauvignon

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