Beyond the Drink: Christian “Suzu” Suzuki’s Mikoshi Negroni (S6/Ep.02)

Suzu is a bartender in the San Francisco Bay Area where he was born and raised. In this episode, he walks us through one of his original cocktails, a Mikoshi Negroni. While having spent much of his childhood and teen years in restaurants and bars that his grandparents owned in Tokyo, we also learn about the impact that his time in Japan had on his career. This celebrated bartender also shares more about his Kagano Pop-Up in Oakland, the stories behind his featured cocktails on the menu, and his pledge with Kagano to uplift, support, cross-promote and collaborate with other communities and hospitality workers who identify as POC, LGBTQ+ and more. Enjoy this episode as we go Beyond the Drink… with Suzu.  (cocktail recipe below)

Mikoshi Negroni

Makes 1 cocktail

1 Organic Strawberry

2 Makrut Lime Leaves, 1 to muddle and 1 to garnish

1.5oz gin, such as Fords Gin

.75oz Sakura Vermouth (Lillet Rose can be used as a substitution)

.75oz Campari

In a mixing glass, muddle the organic strawberry and makrut lime leaf. Add the gin, sakura vermouth and campari and stir. Double strain over a large cube and garnish with a makrut lime leaf.

This episode is Presented by Fords Gin.  

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