Beyond the Drink: Caitlin Smith’s Warm and Fuzzy (S5/Ep.14)

Caitlin is back sharing another delicious cocktail. This time, she’s drawing inspiration from the traditional Hot Buttered Rum, using coffee. If you missed her first episode where she breaks down one of the most delicious cocktails we had all year, check out Season 5 / Episode 02. Enjoy this episode as we go Beyond the Drink… with Caitlin Smith. (cocktail recipe below)

Warm and Fuzzy

Makes 1 Drink

This drink is inspired by my New England roots and the classic Hot Buttered Rum cocktail. I’ve switched it up to match my love for coffee.

1.5 oz Vodka, preferably vanilla flavored

.5 oz Smoked Rum

1 Tablespoon Compound Butter (recipe below)

.5 oz Pecan Syrup (recipe below)

Hot coffee

Combine the vodka, smoked rum, butter and syrup in a coffee cup and pour hot coffee over the top. Use a handheld milk frother to incorporate all of the ingredients into the coffee. Sprinkle crushed dark chocolate espresso beans over the top.

Habanero-Piloncillo Compound Butter:

Add one cup of water and two piloncillo cones to a small sauce pot or pan. Depending on your desired spice level preference, add 1-2 halved habaneros and simmer until the piloncillo is fully dissolved and then remove the habaneros. 

In a stand mixer or with a handheld mixer, start whipping 1 pound of softened butter. Slowly add in some of the habanero-piloncillo syrup, to taste, while still keeping the integrity of the butter. 

Pecan Syrup:

1 cup toasted pecans

1 cup dark brown sugar

1 cup water

1 cinnamon stick

Add all ingredients to a small sauce pot or pan, bring to a light simmer and let reduce by about half.

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