Chef Michael Symon (S5/Ep.03)

He is a chef, restaurateur, author, TV personality, philanthropist… and a Cleveland native. You may know him from “The Chew,” from one of the many Food Network shows he’s starred in, or by his infectious laugh. In this episode we discuss how growing up around food helped shape his life and career, and how he and his wife successfully managed to open their first restaurant together, and much, much more. Symon continues to do extraordinary work for people in need in the Cleveland area through the Michael D. Symon Foundation. Enjoy this episode as we go Beyond the Plate… with Chef Michael Symon.

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6 thoughts on “Chef Michael Symon (S5/Ep.03)

  1. Hi Michael, those first two months, sitting here in a very scary Elmhurst, Queens, you became the normal in my day. I can’t thank you enough for your daily cooking segments. You helped more than you can ever know.


  2. Michael I have always followed your cooking shows as your gramps taught you to cook my Gram taught me at a young age when she worked in various head cooking capacities from ski lodges , Inns in NH , Sporting camps , Restraunts all her life , I feel she gave me a better cooking Education and hands on than any CI A chef school !


  3. Michael Symon literally saved me this past spring when he began filming Daily Dinners from his kitchen. It was so comforting to log in to a live broadcast and instantly be connected to people all over the world. I’m so sad he had to close Lola. It is a huge loss to the Cleveland and North East Ohio community but I will be forever a loyal supporter of all things Michael Symon!


  4. Those daily meetings we were able to have early in this pandemic with you were a God send, you really came across as someone who needed the structure in their day as much as we did. Your enjoyment teaching clearly came through every day. I now feel like I know you and would love to sit down and buy you a beer or two and talk cooking and football.


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