Chef Jacques Pépin (S5/Ep.01)

He is the winner of sixteen James Beard Awards, a Daytime Emmy Lifetime Achievement Award and author of twenty-nine cookbooks including Jacques Pépin Quick & Simple, A Grandfather’s Lessons, and Essential Pépin. He has starred in twelve acclaimed PBS cooking series and was awarded France’s highest distinction, the Legion of Honor. In this episode we discuss what it was like cooking for three Heads of State of France, how a near fatal car accident changed his life and the incredible work of the Jacques Pépin Foundation. Enjoy this episode as we go Beyond the Plate… with Chef Jacques Pépin.


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One thought on “Chef Jacques Pépin (S5/Ep.01)

  1. I love you and appreciate your passion for the art of feeding people.
    Your podcast video are so enjoyable.
    It brings your books from my library to life
    The sound of your voice talking and sharing parts of you and your simple classic basic style
    is refreshing.
    My early mentors school of hard work little luck and occasionally the need to duck.
    No formal schooling but lots of steps which included falling in love with you and Julia on TV and your books
    as a child
    Worked in hotels resorts restaurants French Italian Swiss Steak houses Latin Asian Pizza and burger joints country club and private chef,,,
    Years ago I was called a continental chef…
    Not normally one to write to famous strangers but some how during these crazy upside down inside out world
    time, this felt right.
    Not sure if you read these or your people do
    It made me feel good during crazy times do do something different
    My deepest gratitude and thanks for your sharing
    Hope some day we can break break or go out for a bite
    If in LA let’s go get Thai food
    Jitladda is the best
    My opinion…
    I lived in Thailand am a widower to my Thai Wife and currently engaged to Thai Woman
    My favorite chef is in Eugene Oregon at Chefs Kitchen
    Worth the trip to Oregon
    Tom Bolag is second generation plus classically trained in Switzerland chef
    My opinion…One of America’s best unknown chefs
    Here’s two dining experiences for my post Covid bucket list
    Stay safe healthy happy having Fun doing what you do

    Best sincere regards
    Neal “Wheel” Miller
    I am not some crazy star stalking fan
    Going Covid stir crazy and wrote you to do something different
    Something safe yet Crazy
    In a good way


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