Chef Giada De Laurentiis (Just the Plate) (S2/Ep.002) hi


Giada De Laurentiis walks you through one of her favorite pasta dishes, Mezzi Rigatoni with Corn and Spicy Sausage. She says this is a fast weeknight meal and one of her go-to pastas when she entertains at home (her daughter Jade loves it, too!). If you missed Giada’s full episode, check out Season 2/Episode 001 from last week.



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2 thoughts on “Chef Giada De Laurentiis (Just the Plate) (S2/Ep.002) hi

  1. This is the first time a podcast made me want to try a dish. I listened to the podcast again, zipping from aisle to aisle at the grocery, picking up the ingredients. The Calabrian chiles (no paste at the store) were the only thing I measured. It’s as fast, easy and delicious as Giada promised!


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