Chef Thomas Keller’s Salmon Cornet (S4/Ep.002)

Photo Credit: Deborah Jones Chef Thomas Keller walks you through the history of one of his most iconic dishes, the Salmon Cornet. If you missed Chef Keller’s full episode, check out Season 4/Episode 001 from last week.     Find BEYOND THE PLATE on: iTunes | Google Play | Libsyn | Stitcher | Spotify

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Chef Thomas Keller (S4/Ep.001)

Chef Thomas Keller is one of the most celebrated chefs in the world. Keller is the chef/owner of multiple three-star Michelin restaurants including The French Laundry in Napa Valley, and Per Se in New York, as well as many other restaurants in NYC, Las Vegas, Florida and California. During this episode, we discuss the role […]

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CookTracks Teaser Trailer

CookTracks Welcome to CookTracks…a brand new way to cook. Each episode, a celebrated chef or cooking personality will be right along side you…well, in your ear…taking you step by step through a dish or meal, in real time. They’ll be adding a little pinch of tips, tricks and fun stories to keep you entertained, while […]

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Jeff Mauro (S3/Ep.020)

For our Season 3 finale, we sat with Jeff Mauro. Jeff is the co-host of Food Network’s The Kitchen and the Season 7 winner of Food Network Star. His first show, Sandwich King, was an Emmy-Nominated show. Tune in as we discuss Jeff’s journey into the food world, how this family man balances life on […]

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Jason Biggs (S3/Ep.018)

Jason Biggs is an actor widely known for his role in the American Pie film series. His other roles span across film, television and stage. Jason will soon be on the Fox live-action family comedy, Outmatched, which we discuss in this episode. Prior to that, he was in the Netflix series Orange is the New Black […]

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Nikki Reed (S3/Ep.016)

Nikki Reed is an actress, screenwriter, entrepreneur and philanthropist. She may be best known for her role as ‘Rosalie Hale’ in the Twilight Saga and has appeared in numerous television shows such as The O.C. and Sleepy Hollow. In addition to acting, Reed created the socially conscious lifestyle company, BaYou With Love, born out of […]

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Camila Alves McConaughey (Just the Plate) (S3/Ep.015)

Photo Credit:   Camila Alves McConaughey walks you through a dish she says her kids absolutely love- Honey Chicken Wings! She shares how to make them, giving tips and tricks along the way. If you missed Camila’s full episode, check out Season 3/Episode 014 from last week.   Find BEYOND THE PLATE on: […]

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